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Within about 10 minutes of my first taste, I can feel my energy level slowing starting to rise. Thus far, none of the tingly skin feeling that is pretty typical with pre-workouts. I like how the energy is more of a gradual build up than most, a bit less jarring than some of the more aggressive caffeine boosts.


Similar to the energy, I can feel my focus slowly starting to heighten as each minute goes by. I enjoy the slower build up more because it allows me a bit more time to warm up or do some pre-workout rituals like playing guitar or whatever it might be. Some pre-workouts amp things up so quickly, that it can be overwhelming – which on days when you’re tired and really not feeling it can be more useful. This isn’t like that. Also, at I did not feel at all jittery at any point while using this pre-workout.


Consistent energy and focus throughout my chest & back workout with some energy leftover to continue on with my day. No caffeine crash either which is awesome.


Flavor: Pink Lemonade

At long last, a pre-workout that isn’t extremely sweet! I’ve found the pink lemonade to be a great flavor with a just enough sweetness to make it enjoyable – quite the difference from most pre-workouts these days. I’d highly recommend this flavor!Mixability No troubles with mixing either. Mixes quickly and easily with no left over residue.


Beast Mode is a great pre-workout that gradually lifts your energy and focus while improving your physical and mental stamina for each workout. While I wouldn’t recommend it to someone brand new to these supplements, if you’ve used a few pre-workouts in the past this is a wicked choice for your next round. The most useful things to take away from this review are:

  • Gradual increase in energy
  • Gradual increase in focus
  • Did not give me that ‘jittery’ feeling
  • Energy lasted throughout the entire workout and beyond
  • No crash following
  • Strong ingredient profile with quality ingredients
  • Pink Lemonade flavor is awesome

Where Can You Find It?

If Beast Mode sounds like something you’d like to try, I’ve found the best prices on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Beast Mode Pre-Workout Review, From Beast”

    1. Mark Robinson Post Author

      Hi Steven, thank you for the comment. Honestly speaking, I do not think that rating a pre-workout supplement on it’s ability to boost strength makes much sense. The process of building strength is a long one. And although a pre-workout can intensify your focus, energy, and motivation to push for more – there are a lot of other factors involved in building strength. HOW you are working out in order to build strength being a huge one. And HOW you are supporting your efforts with a diet that supports those goals. Do you know what I mean? In terms of a single workout however, I’d say the additional energy, enhanced focus, and increased motivation can help you to push past your regular barriers on that day. But I still don’t find much point in giving a pre-workout a “strength gains” rating.

      Thanks again for the comment, let me know if you have any more questions.


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