Best Creatine Free Pre-Workout Supplements

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There are a few Creatine Free pre-workout supplements out there, and they’re still made with quality ingredients that you can benefit from. If you’re thinking “why would anyone want a Creatine free version?” here is why. There are 3 main reasons that someone would want to avoid Creatine…

Creatine free? But why?

1. Cycling off of Creatine
2. Creatine just doesn’t seem to affect you
3. Just plain and simple, not interested in Creatine

Regardless of which reason you can relate to, there are still great supplements to be found that do NOT contain Creatine. There aren’t as many as the main group of pre-workout supplements, but still a few good ones to choose from. Here they are in starting with the highest rated and going down:

Best Creatine Free Pre-Workout Options

More In Depth

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#1 Force Factor: Body Rush

Even though Body Rush Doesn’t contain any Creatine, its still rates very well because it has a really good ingredient profile. I haven’t yet used this one myself, but I have heard only good things so far. By looking at the ingredients, I can see that to supply energy and focus, it usees a combination of Caffeine, Tyrosine, Green Tea extract, and Guarana extract….that is a powerful combination. And to go along the Beta Alanine that’s in there for endurance and strength, they’ve thrown in BCAA’s, Carnitine, B Vitamins, and an electrolyte blend for hydration. A favorite for friends of mine who like to take their Creatine seperate from their pre-workout, and the Strawberry Kiwi flavor comes most recommended.

Amino Energy review rating

#2 Amino Energy

Amino Energy is a great energy supplement that you can take throughout the day, with very low calories too. It could easily be used as a pick-me-up prior to many sports activities or exercise. The one thing that may deter you from choosing Amino Energy is the fact that it does not contain any creatine, which most consider vital to weight training. So if you’re lifting weights or body building, you may want to choose a different product. User’s report that it mixes incredibly well, and tastes excellent too. In conclusion, it is a very suitable energy supplement for athletes, which can also help to increase your stamina and accelerate recovery time.

An image of hyper fx review and ratings

#3 BSN: Hyper Fx

If what you really need before your workout, is the focus…this is a wise choice. I really experienced that “tunnel vision” sort of focus using Hyper FX, which I love to have when working out. There’s caffeine, Huperzine A, choline, and more in their “Neuropower blend”. Hyper FX is easily one of the top Creatine free pre-workout options because what it lacks in Creatine, it makes up for in the focus and energy categories.

N0 N-Zero Extreme Review and Rating image

#4 Cellucor: N-Zero Extreme

They’ve designed N0 for the person who doesn’t want to take in Creatine, or any extra calories because of their pre-workout supplement. I haven’t tried this one myself yet, but this one is my sisters all time favorite. She likes to stay as lean as possible, and watches her calories pretty closely, so N0 Extreme makes this easy for her. She tells me that is really just gets her into the workout mood, and keeps her focused while shes at the gym. Looking at the ingredients, for energy and focus they use a combination of Caffeine, and Methyltyramine. And to help out your endurance, they’ve thrown in BCAA’s, Beta Alanine, Citrulline, and Arginine Nitrate. This makes N0 Extreme look like a great energy/focus booster as well as a fat burner too.

Ripped Freak Pre-Workout Review and Ratings image

#5 Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak pre-workout looks to be a very powerful stimulant based product. Along with the caffeine, they’ve included Tyrosine to help keep you focused and energized as well as boost your metabolism. To help you keep going throughout your workout and improve your endurance, they’ve included Beta Alanine, and Arginine AKG as well. At the end of the day, this pre-workout looks more like a fat burner than anything else. Similar ingredients to their actual “fat burner” , just made into a powder form.

review and rating image for jack3d micro

#6 Jack3d Micro

Jack3d Micro is the latest release from USP’s Labs in the form of pre-workout supplement. Whether or not it is supposed to replace the extremely popular Jack3d formula, is yet to be determined. By looking at the ingredients however, it doesn’t look like it. The ingredients are very basic, and the ingredient label very clear. No Creatine, sugar, carbs, or Beta Alanine. No more DMAA either.

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