Essential Amino Energy Review, From Optimum Nutrition

Essential Amino Energy Review Ratings


I found that Essential Amino Energy gives a nice and steady rise in my energy level as it starts to kick in. This is a nice effect compared to some pre-workouts that throw your energy levels through the roof within minutes, which can be a little jarring especially for newbies. One of my favorite parts about this stuff is the detailed dosing options, which plays a part in how I’ve rated this. The container clearly instructs (see image below) how much powder to use, in order to get the desired effects and caffeine levels.

Essential Amino Energy Dosing Options

This transparency is nice for a change, and quite helpful. If I’d like a bit of a pick-me-up before a run or some cardio, I have found that 2 scoops is more than enough. On lifting days, I feel pumped and ready after 4 scoops. I haven’t felt the need for 6 scoops just yet.


As with the energy level, I’ve found that my level of focus slowly rises to match my energy. Roughly speaking, I’d say after about 25min, both have kicked in and I feel ready. Honestly speaking, I would say that the level of focus I feel is slightly less intense that some other pre-workouts I have experimented with. Not a terrible thing, but something to note.


I have found that my increased energy and focus do last throughout the exercise, helping me to push through and get the job done. I’ve also found that I don’t experience a big crash in energy following exercise which is a nice feature. The extra energy slowly fades away as I continue on with my day.


Flavor: Blue Raspberry

At first taste, I was taken aback by how sour this was. After a few more sips though, the taste buds get accustomed to it and it becomes much more enjoyable. I’d liken it to a sour candy. Again, it’s nice to have a pre-workout that’s not sickeningly sweet. Though I might try a new flavor the next time around, I would glady purchase this one again. In terms of mixability, it mixed perfectly every time so far, no residue left behind.


Essential Amino Energy is a great pre-workout for beginner’s and experienced veterans alike. The dosing options make it easy for newer people to gradually increase their intake as they see fit, and allows regular users to see exactly how much caffeine and amino acids they’re taking in and can adjust as needed. I also like that it isn’t just geared towards body building, and can be used by a wide variety of users and athletes alike. The most valuable things to take away from this review are:

  • Gradual increase in energy
  • Gradually enhanced focus
  • Clear and customizable dosing options
  • Improved stamina
  • No crash following
  • Strong ingredient profile with quality ingredients
  • Blue Raspberry flavor is delicious

Where Can You Find It?

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, I’ve found the best prices are usually on Amazon.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this useful. Do you have your own experience to share? Please do in the comments below!