Gold Standard Pre-Workout Review, From Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard Pre-workout Review Ratings


I found that Gold Standard Pre-workout has a subtle build up in terms of energy, but then comes on quite strong. Within about 15 minutes, I can definitely feel the difference. My face and hands start to get that tingly/itchy feeling from the good size dose of Beta Alanine included in each scoop. I felt more than ready to go. I wouldn’t want to take this too early before starting my workout.

Gold Standard Pre-workout Dosing Options

It’s great to see that they have not hidden any of their ingredients in proprietary blends, it is all out in the open for the users to see. A decent amount of Creatine, Beta Alanine, and a solid dose of caffeine that’s on the higher side but not over the top. Could be a little strong for a beginner.


In my experience, my focus really starts to feel enhanced after about 20 minutes have past. It’s interesting that it’s noticeable seperately from the build up of energy. Perhaps that has to do with my working out first thing in the morning, and it takes a while for the brain to warm up. The focus is definitely ramped up in a big way.


My stamina is definitely improved throughout the workout. If you can maintain intensity and focus on each rep, the more effective each rep will be and the enhanced focus this stuff provides definitely helps out here.


Flavor: Watermelon

If you’re a fan of any sort of watermelon candy, then you’ll enjoy the taste of this stuff. Though it is quite sweet, there’s a bit of sourness to it to balance things out a bit very similar to a Jolly Rancher candy. It also mixes completely every time without leaving any residue or strong tastes near the end.


Gold Standard Pre-Workout is a solid pre-workout that should be used by people who have a least some experience with these supplements under their belts. I think it would be a bit strong for a complete beginner. For the experienced veteran however, this stuff is a great tool whether you’re lifting weights or doing some high intensity cardio. Here’s the quick summary:

  • Subtle increase in energy at first, quite strong when it does hit
  • Enhanced focus follows shortly after the energy kick
  • Clear and concise ingredient label (no mysterious blends)
  • Improved stamina both in strength and focus
  • No crash following
  • Strong ingredient profile with quality ingredients
  • Watermelon flavour is very sweet, and sour (like a Jolly Rancher)

Where Can You Find It?

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, I’ve found the best prices are usually on Amazon.

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