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Mr Hyde Zero Pre-workout Review Ratings


After using Mr. Hyde Zero for several workouts, I’ve found that my energy levels definitely get a boost. Even with just half a scoop of this stuff I felt jacked up and ready to go. Similar to the last pre-workout I tried, this comes on at a nice gradual pace. For me, I could really feel it by the 30 minute mark. Beginners should probably start with a half scoop, as the amount of caffeine (400mg) might be a tad much to start off with.


I found my focus improved within about 10 minutes of taking it, and stayed that way throughout my workout. Of course in part due to the massive dose of caffeine, but the Tyramine and Nobile Orchid stem could also be helping out there. Fancy names, I know. Whatever the case, it’s much easier to focus on the task at hand whatever it is that day.


I had no problems finishing a workout that lasted 90 minutes. Sometimes I’ve found pre-workouts seem to start wearing off before the end, but not here. I didn’t feel a big crash following the workout either.


Flavor: Fruit Punch

I wasn’t crazy about the flavor personally. It’s not terrible, and you can dilute it with as much water as you want to to soften the taste. It’s very sweet. So I mix it with about 710ml of water, and the bland super sweetness is just kinda odd to be honest. The good news being that it’s ultra concentrated so you need very little water to dissolve it in and you can quickly gulp it down. Just my opinion. It dissolves very well though, no left over residue.


Mr. Hyde Zero is very effective pre-workout that is designed for those used to high levels of caffeine. Whether your hitting the weights or race track, this will help get you revved up and in the zone. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Gradual increase in energy level
  • Quickly enhanced focus
  • Decent ingredient profile, no hidden blends
  • Energy & focus maintained throughout the workout
  • No crash following
  • Fruit Punch flavor is not my favorite…

Where Can You Find It?

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, I’ve found the best prices are usually on Amazon.

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