The Importance of Cycling Your Pre-Workout Supplement

Why Cycle A Pre-Workout Supplement? One of the most important things to know about when taking pre-workout supplements is how to “Cycle” them. If you’re reading this I bet you can still remember the first time you took one, and there’s a good chance you were bouncing around the gym with a seemingly endless energy …Continue reading »

The 3 Strongest Pre-Workout Supplements – 2013

For The Stimulant Junkies Out There Today, I’m going to share with you the 3 strongest pre-workout supplements that I have come across so far. These are NOT for beginners. They contain the highest caffeine content per scoop out of the many other supplements I’ve reviewed in the past. Here you’ll find out how much …Continue reading »

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Any More Than A Mix Of Caffeine And Creatine?

Over the past years, there are two types of supplements that have received great media coverage and have been subjected to intense debate: pre-workout supplements and weight loss supplements. Pre-workout supplements are said to be nothing more than a mix of caffeine and creatine – while this may be true for the first types of …Continue reading »

(8.5/10) Cellucor C4 Extreme Personal Review

An Unbiased Review of C4 Extreme by Cellucor by Mark R. Today I will be sharing my experience with the pre-workout supplement called C4 Extreme, made by Cellucor. Cellucor is a relatively new company but it has stormed the supplement scene over the past couple of years. They have become a well known, and trusted …Continue reading »