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Experience Level:
Intermediate to Advanced

Similar Caffeine To:
2-2.5 Cups of Coffee

Best Used For:
Bodybuilding, Intense Sports, Endurance Activities

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Quick Review
Today we are talking about Body Rush from ForceFactor. Body Rush is certainly one of the best Creatine free pre-workout options as you can see with the Overall Rating of 8.8; even without any Creatine. Overall, Bodyrush is a great choice of Creatine free pre-workout. When I’m cycling off of Creatine, this is my go to choice for a pre-workout supplement. You can tell just by looking at the ingredients that its really geared towards overall athleticism, and not just bodybuilding. This also makes it great option for sporting events or activities as well for a little extra boost. I have bought it multiple times already, and I do recommend it.

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More In-Depth

Value- 8

One of the main categories that docks points off of Body rush because of the price. Coming in at about $1.33 per serving, it makes it appear pretty expensive in comparison to some other creatine free pre-workouts like jack3d micro which only cost about $0.82 / serving. But if you can handle/afford it, then you will love this product.

Energy/Focus- 9

Next up we have the energy and focus category. Bodyrush does quite well in this category using a combination of Caffeine, Taurine, and Tyrosine to help keep your mind on the task at hand. When I used BodyRush, I found myself feeling full of energy and ready to lift when I got to the gym. Though the caffeine content is hidden in a proprietary blend, I emailed the company to discover that the amount is similar to 2 cups of coffee per scoop. So around the 180-200mg mark.

Endurance- 10

This is one of the categories where Body Rush excels. Body Rush does very well here as well using a combo of B Vitamins, BCAA’s, and Carnitine to help keep your muscles energized, and repairing themselves the moment you start to use them. They also throw in a good size dose of Beta Alanine which also helps out with endurance by delaying your muscles fatiguing. And to top it off, they include electrolyte replenishment for hydration purposes, which I really like to see in my pre-workout. I can tell the ones that don’t, because I start to get an extremely dry mouth which is pretty unpleasant.

Strength Gains- 6

Of course, without the Creatine, BodyRush doesn’t do quite as well in the Strength category. But the Beta alanine that they include, does help out in this category by allowing your muscles to push longer than they normally would.

Taste/Mixability- 10

Strawberry kiwi almost taste like Kool-Aid. For me it was one of the better tasting pre-workouts I’ve had. Having an excellent taste in a pre-workout really helps me in terms of getting motivated and getting into a good mood. 1 scoop in a shaker cup with 12oz water and a couple of shakes the powder would dissolve immediately. I never had any unmixed powder or any clumps. It shakes up very nicely.

6 reviews for Body Rush Review

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    By far the best creatine free pre-wo ive come across so far. i use for lifting and football, works great for both. nicely improved endurance, energy, and mental alertness. Great . my go to pre-wo

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    Gave me good energy “clean” without any jitters.. decent pumps.. The taste was perfect. I really liked the strawberry kiwi which tastes like kool aid. Overall a good creatine free supplement.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Alexandros Pemstein

    Ive tried other pre-workouts and for some reason i find this as my favorite pre workout just due to the fact that it gives great pumps and no crash at all. It’s a bit expensive but sure it’s worth the price

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    tried the 1.5 scoops, and the energy, focus and pumps were all quite noticeable and long lasting and no crash at all

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lorilyn Lorizio

    Actually, this is just my 3rd pwo and I saw it first here in this site so i’ll give my review here. i had so much energy and focus it was actually way better than i was expecting, good pumps,nice clean energy throughout your workout and creatine free. 🙂

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    Endurance and recovery are incredible, and I love being able to use it for 1 hour workouts of running then lifting.

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